A Platform for scholarship and collaboration

In our model, communities (instructors, graduate students, undergraduates, researchers) form teams to organize conferences and coordinate publishing cycles. The platform allows proposals and articles to be workshopped. Digital tools capture the activities of participants who in turn help to capture conference and research ephemera.

Undergraduate Research

For student-driven research activities, teams of instructors coordinate submission and review activities and organize conferences or publishing cycles. These teams are often interdisciplinary, and they involve members in adjacent activities that broaden their range of professional capacities, particularly for graduate instructors and student participants who engage with project management, conference organization, editorial, and leadership activities.

Scholarly Conferences

We have developed PeerPress to make it easy to create on any typical internet server a web site that enables peer review and submissions of proposals, back-end functionality to facilitate conference organization, and built-in tools for collecting the insights of participants. More recent refinements have added tools for collecting research and conference ephemera with a focus on interoperability with Twitter and on integrating live tweeting and online discussion into research presentations.


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