Undergraduate Research

PeerPress provides a platform for developing and sharing undergraduate research. This platform creates a catalyst for implementing a number of scholarly activities including research conferences and the publication of finished scholarship.

PIT Journal ArticlesThe People, Ideas, and Things Journal represents the kinds of results that can be had when implementing these activities on a college campus. The journal uses an open peer review process in which all writers act as peer reviewers by commenting on and rating submissions online. The PeerPress platform provides the tools to facilitate this process.

In order for this innovative process to work, a multidisciplinary group of students and editors act as peersourcers. Students also act as reviewers, helping peers situate their ideas within scholarly disciplines and develop their research methodologies. Students do not have to submit a project in order to participate. All of these activities create face-to-face communities that shift the culture of undergraduate research and create collaborations on campus

The PIT Journal from PITJournal on Vimeo.